Seaside Bus Gumuldur, Izmir Turkey summer 2020
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Club Yali Resort , Gumuldur

Club Yali Resort   

   Score 8.7/10 out of 11 reviews

Gumuldur, Izmir, Turkey

  • Hotel with indoor pool  
  • Bus (05/22 - 10/02/2020)
  • Airplane (05/29 - 09/26/2020)
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 01/27/2020

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The former fishing village of Gümüldür is one of the privileged places for a relaxing holiday. The pleasant climate, beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent landscapes of olive groves, citrus forests and pine forests offer an unforgettable view. Gümüldür is approximately 70 km from Izmir. The rural surroundings of Gümüldür, with its beaches with wide and fine sand, represent one of the youngest holiday areas of the Aegean. With its many bays and tangerine plantations, Gümüldür offers a beautiful landscape and a peaceful holiday. The area has a pleasant climate.

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