Honeymoon Datca, Marmaris Turkey summer 2022
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Datca Otel Mavi Beyaz, Datca

Datca Otel Mavi Beyaz

Datca, Marmaris, Turkey

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    Protect somewhat tourist circuit consisting axis Kusadasi - Bodrum - Marmaris - Fethiye town neapǎrat should not be regarded as a resort.

    It is the village importantǎ the peninsula of the same name, port and small resort for relaxation lovers Internet High-something quieter surroundings, totally different from what offers its larger cities mentioned above.

    Recommendations for travel Datca

    The beach in Datça has no blemish. E perfectǎ! Gǎseşti and umbrellas for free, but what I say ... the water's umbrella million! Caldǎ indecent, liniştitǎ, porţionatǎ through some buoys craft area (not incomodeazǎ but dimpotrivǎ, give a special charm of the place) is great from Datça prietenoasǎ with tourists of all vȃrstele.

    The little ones can play fǎrǎ confidence and courage is enough space to allow ȋn ȋnota cǎtre horizon ...